A Typical Fun Day As A Child


By Sanford Hall

This was a day of a different kind, restless kids, running all over the place, making noise and having fun. When 12 O’Clock roll around it was quiet, the kids were all spent from exhaustion  earlier in  the morning.

How much I remember of those fun days, so long ago it has been. Distant in time, but yet vivid memories memories of an unforgettable childhood. Days in which I would trade for nothing in the world, as children always are, being carefree, having nothing to worry about but fun and play.

Long gone are the days of wonderful memories as children, wishing I could change the hands of time and turn back the clock. Bursting with energy, looking forward to the day ahead because there always seems as if there was something exciting going on for all the kids to delve into. As one of the most active kids in the group I always look forward to a new day knowing it would be exciting for me and my friends alike.


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