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Super Toys For Active Kids

By Sanford Hall                         Advertisements

A Typical Fun Day As A Child

By Sanford Hall This was a day of a different kind, restless kids, running all over the place, making noise and having fun. When 12 O’Clock roll around it was quiet, the kids were all spent from exhaustion  earlier in  the morning. How much I remember of those fun days, so long ago it has […]

Fun Movies To Watch Anytime

By Sanford Hall It’s Saturday evening, the weekend after Halloween and the kids are looking for a great movie to watch. Suddenly we came across a wonderful movie site online after searching for a new movie, while enjoying our evening at home. I was quite surprised after reviewing the site with my twelve-year-old and were able to find […]

Five Popular Books For Kids

Reading has always been fundamental for kids. Reading can be fun for many kids, it’s something I have always encourage my children to do. From the time they were in the womb, often times my wife and I were reading to them. As parents we should stress the importance of reading to our kids. Reading […]

Christmas Shopping For The Kids

Christmas is about two months away and now is the perfect time to start shopping for the little ones. Beat the rush hour and long lines of holiday shopping at the stores. Start shopping online today for toys, games, clothing and all the other fun stuff that kids normally get excited over at Christmas. Keep […]